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Welcome to Al Wafa Recruiter !

Al Wafa Recruiting Agency is an employment agency in Pakistan and manpower consultants providing overseas jobs, placement services, manpower resources to clients in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, U.A.E, Oman, Qutar, Middle East and Gulf countries seeking quality human resources from Pakistan for various sectors like Medical (Doctors, Nurses), Engineering, Hotel Industry, Sales and Marketing etc.

Boosted by the extensive database and expertise in the staffing industry, we offer high quality and talented personnel in a reasonably small time frame. our agency equipped to provide our clients with the right candidates.

Our division has a proven track record of supplying professional engineering, skilled trademan and support personnel, to a range of clients in the various industry. From simple executives to mainstream professionals viz project engineers, managers, designers, CAD technicians, etc. we also hold expertise in the recruitment of "hard to find" specialists.

In order to select right candidate, our team of professionals conducts preliminary interview rounds before sending them to the clients for final interview. The initial screening of candidates helps the company to have best of manpower that suits their job profile requirements. Moreover, by diverse ways to tap right candidate like head hunting, newspaper advertisement, etc., we can offer candidates for almost all levels of management.

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